Vegan Anthems by DJ Luminous

1. Prince – Animal Kingdom
2. The Colourfield – Cruel Circus
3. Luminous Frenzy – McEmotion
4. Robert Wyatt – Pigs (in there)
5. The Style Council – Blood Sports
6. The Playthings – Life in a Bowl
7. Howard Jones – Assault & Battery
8. Cerrone – Supernature
9. Poison Girls – The Offending Article
10. Cecil McCartney – Sacrifice
11. Paul McCartney & Wings – Wild Life
12. X-Ray Spex – Peace Meal
13. The Smiths – Meat is Murder
14. Consolidated – Stoned (Live Bass Mix)
15. Dead Prez – Be Healthy
16. The Playthings – Nursery Rhymes
17. Crass – Merry Crassmas

1. ‘Animal Kingdom’ by PRINCE, was released in 1998 on The Truth – a bonus disc with 12 acoustic tracks from the album Crystal Ball

2. THE COLOURFIELD was a British new wave band fronted by Terry Hall, formerly singer with The Specials. Their biggest hit ‘Thinking of You’ reached no 12 in the UK charts

3. LUMINOUS FRENZY is a contemporary British band. Their track ‘McEmotion’ from the album Violence Ambience was featured in the film ‘McLibel’ (recently selected by the UK’s Channel 4 as one of the ‘Best films of the Noughties’)

4. THE STYLE COUNCIL was a successful British band formed by Paul Weller ex singer with The Jam. They had a string of hits including one in the US with ‘My Ever Changing Moods’

5. ROBERT WYATT is a hugely respected and influential British solo artist (formerly of Soft Machine) who has inspired bands like Tears for Fears and recently collaborated with Bjork and Dave Gilmour

Robet Wyatt

6. THE PLAYTHINGS were a British indie band who recorded the album ‘Consumed’ in 1991, with mesmerising lyrics by singer Tina Irving. Their “Godlike Guitarist” Frank Frenzy went on to become an award-winning composer and now fronts the band Luminous Frenzy, whilst drummer Franny Armstrong is a top filmmaker (e.g. Age of Stupid)

7. HOWARD JONES is a singer-songwriter who had a string of synth-pop hits in the mid 1980s in the UK and the US

8. CERRONE is a French disco drummer, singer-songwriter and record producer. His album Supernature sold over 8 million copies worldwide

9. The POISON GIRLS were an English anarcho-punk band in the 80s with a female singer/guitarist called Vi Subversa whose lyrics are of a radical feminist perspective

10. CECIL McCARTNEY recorded a folk album ‘Om’ in the late 60s, and is said to have inspired Van Morrison’s album ‘Astral Weeks’. He’s now a celebrated painter of international repute

11. Wild Life was the debut album from WINGS, and the track itself features an amazing throat-shredding vocal performance by Paul McCartney

12. X-RAY SPEX was an english punk band who had a big hit with ‘Germ Free Adolescence’, ranked number 5 in Spin magazine’s “50 Most Essential Punk Records“. ‘Peace Meal’ is taken from their 1995 album Conscious Consumer

13. ‘Meat is Murder’ was THE SMITHS second album, and their sole number 1 album in the UK charts during the band’s lifetime

14. American band CONSOLIDATED were best known in the early 1990s as an alternative dance/industrial music band distinguished by left-leaning political activism and politically radical lyrics, as well innovative sonic collages blending industrial and hip-hop styles

15. DEAD PREZ are an American underground political hip hop duo composed of and M-1. “The most politically conscious rap since Public Enemy”

Dead Prez

16. see no 6 above

17. In 1981, CRASS were the most controversial band in Britain. They lived in a commune, dressed in black and sang ferocious punk rock diatribes. Something of a departure, ‘Merry Crassmas’ reached the #2 spot on the UK indie singles chart and was cited by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as one of the “12 oddest Christmas hits ever!