“Singer Luminous captures the breathtaking beauty in her voice, so much so that you never stop to wonder why they’re burying a body there or if you do, you’re sure it’s not with criminal intent”. Organ Magazine

“At once emotionally hard-hitting and delicately balanced, this 7″ presents a beguiling new presence in British music and Luminous’ siren-like vocals entice the listener into her world”. The Skinny Paper

“Delivers what may well be one of the highlights of the year so far. The vocals tremor almost nervously over the light touch of a keyboard melody before the guitars wax up in the production towards a swirling white noise before abating and waning back to a near inaudible whisper, like the waves washing on the beach of the bay in the song title. Mesmerisingly David Lynchian”. Tasty Fanzine

“A haunting feel permeates this debut offering from Luminous Frenzy. There’s a blissful vibe too, a mixture of drum machines and subtle guitars letting the listener focus on the track’s real strength: The gorgeous, lilting female vocals of Luminous, whose words spin a dark narrative of bodies being buried at Three Cliffs Bay in Wales. These add a folk element to the laid back backing and creates an atmosphere that is pleasing, relaxing and almost enough to make you forget the twisted lyrics that are being spoken. Luminous’ vocals are the real draw, almost hypnotic and in a past life she probably lured sailors over board to their doom. Thankfully, here we can simply bask in their beauty. Outstanding work all the way. One to watch.” gigwise.com

“A haunting tune somewhere between Aphex Twin’s ‘Nannou’ and Zero 7, and layered with the glossy lipped, sedated Alison Moyet vocals of Louise Luminous”. rockmidgets.com

“Residing in the same silky sonic territory as the likes of Zero 7 and Frou Frou, Luminous Frenzy are a London based trio dealing in intoxicating pop music, their sound a dreamlike and sublime affair. With DJ Luminous, Luminous Frenzy have a singer capable of transporting you right into their headspace, her haunting and intoxicating melodies reminscent of the likes of Emiliana Torrinni or Sia; the perfect voice to convey THREE CLIFFS BAY’S mixture of the melancholic and the beautiful. A gorgeous and intoxicating sounding single – a song worthy of soundtracking your more wistful and introspective moments and leaving you desperate to hear more”. uk music search

“It’s not often enough that you come across a band who manage to create worlds within their songs, but Luminous Frenzy seem to be a welcome exception to this rule. ‘Three Cliffs Bay’ immediately paints a picture in the imagination”. glasswerk.co.uk

“Luminous Frenzy are purveyors of a highly polished and cinematic ambient electronica”. rockfeedback.com